Our Story

At Duyfken Yachts, we bare the name of an iconic vessel in maritime and global history.

The Duyfken has set sail from the Dutch island of Texel in 1596 towards the Far East. Brave men left their homes and their families to pursue a dream of development and prosparity. They believed in their goal without having an exact map how to get there. Their journey into the unknown laid the foundation for the Dutch East India Company, the European discovery of Australia. She therefore played her part in the economic upturn in the Netherlands and Western Europe.

Baring this iconic name comes with responsibility.

As our name-giver, we have an urge to explore. To venture into the unknown based on a firm believe.

We at Duyfken Yachts are driven by a strong feeling of responsibility.

The responsibility to hand over this planet to our children and future generations in the best possible condition.

We believe that fossil fuels have no place in this future.

Our Team

Wouter Guijt


After receiving my vocational and bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, I’ve started my career in the maritime industry. Working as an engineer, project engineer, proposal and sales engineer and in project and operations management. From marine projects abroad and business development to strategic negotiations about company relocation and expansion, I’ve been fortunate to have gained experience on several levels. Through my MSc in Management degree, I am able to combine my practical and entrepreneurial insights and experience with leadership and business knowledge on an academic level. I believe in setting up the right team, ownership, honesty and celebrating your successes

Lars Lamet


I am an experienced professional with a can-do and entrepreneurial mentality. With a background in Commercial Engineering I have always loved working in an innovative environment, in which I realize growth by setting a common goal and a defined strategy. I love building on teams by helping and connecting people. Trust, team work and having fun are values I believe to be fundamental for the development of people and to realizing profitable and sustainable business.


Humanity is facing the largest challenge of all times. The battle against climate change. At Duyfken Yachts we feel a strong responsibility to take up this challenge.

We believe it is time for the yachting industry to acknowledge it’s part in this challenge. Yachting shouldnt place a burden on the shoulders of the next generation through pollution. Yachting should be an example of combining responsible leisure with an experience of unrivaled performances and range.

Duyfken Yachts offers their open tender yacht, outfitted with our inhouse developped hydrogen drive train, resulting in a zero-emission yachting experience.

Changing the legacy of yachting

We believe that in order to change the world of yachting, a shift to drivetrains that operate without the use of fossil fuels is the only responsible thing to do. Allthough electric drives are available, the range of these vessels is currently inferior to the existing standard. Duyfken Yachts is established on the believe that zero-emission yachting should never be inferior to the existing standard.

By using hydrogen as fuel, the charging time will be reduced to mere minutes and a more than comfortable range is provided. The drivetrain is silent, vibration free and has zero emissions. Due to the absence of many moving parts in comparison to conventional drivetrains, maintenance becomes a fraction of what is currently needed.

With innovation, we change the legacy of yachting.

Tender Yacht


Length 9M
Power 120KW
Top Speed 25 knots
Range 5 hrs(at full power)



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